Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't fuq w| Serena =X

Serena Williams got disqualified when she was penalized a point on match point after yelling and shaking her racket in the direction of an official who called a foot fault.
According to reporters, fan witnesses sitting in the front few rows and CBS replays, Williams said:

“You better be [expletive] right! You don’t [expletive] know me! You’re lucky I’m not shoving this ball down your throat!” -Serena

Sunday, September 13, 2009

T-Pain`n On Empire State Of Mind

Just another bird`ish move, from the young "bird" of the hip hop industry Lil Mama ... && idgaf if your a fan. Yu obviously have no taste of music =X well while Jay-z && Alicia Keys we're preforming during the MTV Video Music Awards. Lil Mama's bumbass got out of her seat && started bobbing her head to the beat. Jay looked surprised but continued to bop to the beat and even kept rapping. Jay patted Lil Mama on the leg to fall back and even threw in a quick joke, saying, "You T-Paining right now," while Alicia Keys finished her chorus.
Why can't birds know when its time to just fly away? SMFH @ this lil bxtch. I swear to God hova should of gave her one of these;

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Mr/Mrs. GaGa

"Thats one fly [niggabxtch]"
During a press conference, a German reporter from Berlin was told to leave after he questioned Lady Gaga if she has any male gender anatomy. In a cool and relaxed manner, GaGa replied “My beautiful vagina is offended.” Rumors spread on the internet @ online gambling sites such as Paddy Power, posting gambling odds on her sex. The Rumors started out when she was preforming on stage && showed a little something under her dress ... Lady GaGa came clean && said;
"It's not something I'am ashamed of, just isn't something I go around telling everyone. Yes I have both male & female genitalia, but I consider myself a female. Its just a little bit of a penis && really doesn't interfer much with my life." -Lady GaGa
I really don't care if she has a dick or not. Her/his music is still good to me.Oh yeaa && if yu think I'm bullshxtin watch the video yourself ;
or SMD && Lady GaGa's dick. =]

Ignorant Shxt

"Take off the cuffs, unlock the gate. This that ignorant shxt. That you love to hate." -B Sigel
I know everybody seen && or read about how Kanye West just violated Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. But damn, that shit just turned me off. I'm kinda sorta a Kanye fan. So I'm not taking sides. As well as Beyonce && Taylor Swift. But that shxt too me was really immature, especailly for someone with an image as his. Somebody needed to tell him to smoovin out cause we all know if someone got on stage while he got his award && said he didnt deserve it, all hell would break loose. && I don't even wanna talk about or explain how Taylor Swift && Beyonce looked when he said that shit .... click below && watch it for yurself.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Free Biggaveli :(

My nigga biggavel just got 75 years September 3rd, 2009. This is the nigga that started the slang "wavey" yall niggahs aint know what it was till he took it out of harlem. He got locked for his role in a botched robbery that led to a double murder in a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel. Biggaveli fans is coppin them last mixtapes to support. && Shout out too [TIP]aveli for giving me the nickname Teeaveli lol
Your MillionDollarBaby -Teeaveli