Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real Talk

Just wanna say to everyone that made this blog successful && approached me w| the support etc thank yu && I wwill be puttin you into the spot light soon so stay posted, Also I can't believe that niggah`s is actually going hard on the fashion lil section of the blog like I'm some InStyle Magazine or some shxt ... obviously i`m sure yu heard that i done all this shxt to prove how niggah`s be goin hard, && all the haters I wanna thank y'all for taking out the time of y'all. Life and typing into your web browser && actually waste ya time writing some dumbb ass comment actin like web thugs only thing I don't understand is why post a comment under annoymous, people have been coming up to me askin who is the person that's been on my dick postin mad shxt lmao who eva it is hit me up so I can thank yu for makin this blog jumpoff and actually sitting down @ ya computer thinkin of what to say while yur commenting. ... oh yeaa && the reason I gave upp the aim shxt was because the aways was gettin to crazy. And I'm bout 2 be 18 I can't be on it foreveer and if yu tryna link upp or contact me just txt

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

slore of The week

Spectacular From [Pretty Ricky]
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honey Of The Week

Dollica O' Bryan
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Drake && Rihanna ?


Drake: " Shout out to Rihanna, I love yu baby. "

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Niggah Of The Week

Pitbull ...

Because he decked some niggah on stage that "made it rain" on him.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


i had to say it or else no1 would ...

but dont wear them until DECEMBER
cause yu dont wanna be the ugly bxtch or gay nigga on the block w| sweaty feet.

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[Foust] we got you ...

You'll understand this blog if you go 2 ford ... 

&& know Mel or Foust ...
So here's the story;
Me && Mel decided to fuq w| someone for the nightt ... && whoeva hit me up @ that time got fuqed w| ...
so Foust hits me upp && i start making up a story how mel cheated on me and im single etc. so he calls me && well yu watch what happens ...

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Wack Shxt

Take Off By: Yung Dro ft. T.I & Yung LA

Slore of The week

Shawty had her 

coochie in the yearboo

Tailor Made && IT interview

Tailor Made Says " New York was WACK in bedd ..."

&& IT [freestyles].

Honey Of The Week

Megan Fox ...

remember her from Transformers ? LmL

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Niggah Of The Week

Of course the name thats in  everyone's mouth this week ...

Kobe Bryant

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brooklyn/Polo Shirts [DONE] !

Somebody had to say it ...

&& nooo
"bosses dont wear horses."
Just because it sounds nice doesnt make it true. [SMH]

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Faking It ...

Rick Ross rockin fake louie shades on the 09 cover of XXL

according to:

the list goes on ...

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Chris Brown Diss Track

Rihanna ft. Lady GaGa "Silly Boys"

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Check Out What You didnt see @ "The Car Show"

&& look @ the niggah in the backround that just stopped walking too see shawty do it again 


EMBED-Hot Dog Trick - Watch more free videos

Can Some1 Please Take Joe Budden Off The Internet !

I'm sick of this wackass niggah making videos like this 

&& this niggah must not know that hes not really a GOOD RAPPER !

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How To Keep Your Air Yeezys Clean ...

How Bun B keeps his "Air Yeezys" clean

can you say "yung" ?

Bun B - Keepin' Air Yeezy's Clean from on Vimeo.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Event You Can Find Me @

Hudson Terrace Club

Rooftop Arty
Every Sunday $35 to get in
Need I.D unless your with me.
Food && Drinks All day
Last Sunday was smoove, so all yu yungs should change up your scene 
&& stop going to ghettoass [seabreeze]

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Slore of The week

Hoopz from "Flava Of Love'
Why? Because ...
Shawty just dropped a sex tape smh.

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G Shock [DONE]

Be orginal, cop something different ...
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Niggah Of The Week

Dwight Howard
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Honey Of The Week

Cubana Lust

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sad to say but [smh] @ Cassie

&& yes it really is her...

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&& for the 1st pic ...

Cam'Ron Coming Up Again?

New Album coming soon ...

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One Word [Tightt]

The 09 "Young Boy Poster Child"

Gucci Mane


Gucci Mane Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, May 4, 2009

Marc Jacobs is DONE!

1st juicy couture now marc jacobs ?

too many bxtches is playing out shxt 
so if yu caught rockin one of these jacobs bagg get ya swagg up please 

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Kanye West ft Christina Million [Diamonds]

Comment if your feelin it.

Jadakiss love lockdown [freestyle]

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Banger Of The Week

Albums of the Month

I never really been too crazy about rick ross, but no bullshxtin ... "Deeper Than Rap" is a must [cop]
the shxt is tuff no gas.
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&& of course i had too put up my niggah Jadakiss but im not gonna lie there is @least [four] wack joints on it. "The Last Kiss"

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My personal pick for the winner of I Love $$ 2

My girl Myamme betta take home the $$$ 

Slore of the week

[smh] this bxtch deadass said she "fucked for a lobster buffet."

&& shawty is only 15 !
wtf is really good w| these yungs ?