Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real Talk

Just wanna say to everyone that made this blog successful && approached me w| the support etc thank yu && I wwill be puttin you into the spot light soon so stay posted, Also I can't believe that niggah`s is actually going hard on the fashion lil section of the blog like I'm some InStyle Magazine or some shxt ... obviously i`m sure yu heard that i done all this shxt to prove how niggah`s be goin hard, && all the haters I wanna thank y'all for taking out the time of y'all. Life and typing into your web browser && actually waste ya time writing some dumbb ass comment actin like web thugs only thing I don't understand is why post a comment under annoymous, people have been coming up to me askin who is the person that's been on my dick postin mad shxt lmao who eva it is hit me up so I can thank yu for makin this blog jumpoff and actually sitting down @ ya computer thinkin of what to say while yur commenting. ... oh yeaa && the reason I gave upp the aim shxt was because the aways was gettin to crazy. And I'm bout 2 be 18 I can't be on it foreveer and if yu tryna link upp or contact me just txt


MizzJuicey said...

yo I thought I waz da onli 1 dat waz sayin how peoplez in Ford got no life cuz all dey do is spend dey time worryin bout wa sum1 else is doin wif dey life instead of doin dem

Rich said...

c teeaveli I told yu bk is filled wit hatas n dick ridas bx n harlem keep it real we show luv. yall nikkas ned 2 ride the wave.