Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Day w| Dame && A night w| out him.

August 15th, 2009
Was very smoove ... had a bigass cookout @ my crib. [Shoutout] too everyone who showed upp etc.
Anyway mee, mel, shawn, && my hunnie Egypt was chillin all over beekay && the bee ex w dame ... for those of yu who don't know who he is im sure yu'll know who his daddy is ... [dame_dash] "rocafella records" well shxt was smoove all of us chillin, gettin fat, && gettin drunk ...
Tilll every1 dipped && left dame chillin @ the bbq w niggahs he didnt know.
Long story short, he tried too bag the wrong chick && her man wasnt feelin that ... so he decked him .... @ my crib.
But everythings smoove now
we still got love for yu !!
[even tho we wasn't there 2 keep yu smoove.]


BIGJIGGY said...

i was in der!! dat nigga got fuckd up and he startd talkin shit when he was leavn. poppn ass bbq at yah crib tee!